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Company Name Umemura Taka Software Design, Inc.
Founder Taka Umemura
Brand LiveCraft, VirtualPainter
Business Art engineering, Computer software development and sales.
Established January, 1998
Address 4986-948 Nagasawa, Takane-cho, Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi Pref. Japan
Email contact(@)
DUNS 708117411
2018 Released PictureFrame@LiveCraft (for iOS)
2016 Released Virtual Painter 6 (for Win Desktop), Recipe project.
2015 Released MirageOnFlickr (for Win Desktop)
2014 Released Virtual Painter 6 ("Dreamlike Artist" for Win Store), VirtualPainter (for iPhone & iPad.)
2010 Joint development program with Casio Computer Co., Ltd. was ended in April 2014.
2008 LiveCraft LOGO release (Umemura Taka Software Design, Inc.).
2006 Released Virtual Painter 5 (English, Japanese, French editions)(P&A. America, Inc.)
2004 SShareware Industry Conference 2004 People's Choice Award(USA).
2003 Released Virtual Painter 4 (English, Japanese, French editions) (P&A. America, Inc.)
2001 Released Virtual Painter 3 (English, Japanese, French editions) (P&A, JASC, Inc.)
1999 Release of Typography@LiveCraft (Umemura Taka Software Design).
1997 Release of Estampes (France, WSKA, Inc.).
1997 Release of Virtual Painter CD Package (P&A., Inc.)
1997 Fifth Online Software Award (Virtual Painter)
1995 Virtual Painter (Compuserve, Niftyserve)
1994 One-man exhibition: "Painting with Computers" - (Triton College, Chicago, IL).
1993 Digital Images Exhibition (Ginza Washington Art).
1992 ArtArt 92 (Ginza Sony Bldg.).
1992 Imagina92 (Monte Carlo)
1991 High-Tech Art Exhibition (Ginza Matsuya Department Store).
1991 Digital Images Exhibition (Ginza Washington Art).
1990 Second Pixel CG Grand Prix - Award of Excellence.
1989 First Pixel CG Grand Prix - Honorable Mention.
1987 Fourth Illustration Choice Awards
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