Author's CV

Taka Umemura
Taka Umemura
- Art engineer
born in Tokyo in 1962
Umemura Taka Software Design, inc.
Umemura Taka Software Design, inc.
Author's CV
2010. Entered into Joint development program with Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
2008. LiveCraft LOGO release (Umemura Taka Software Design, Inc.).
2006. Released Virtual Painter 5 (English, Japanese, French editions)(P&A. America, Inc.)
2004. Shareware Industry Conference 2004 People's Choice Award(USA).
2003. Released Virtual Painter 4 (English, Japanese, French editions) (P&A. America, Inc.)
2001. Released Virtual Painter 3 (English, Japanese, French editions) (P&A, JASC, Inc.)
1999. Release of Typography@LiveCraft iUmemura Taka Software Design, Inc.).
1997. Release of Estampes (France, WSKA, Inc.).
1997. Release of Virtual Painter CD Package (P&A., Inc.)
1997. Fifth Online Software Awards.
1995. Release of Virtual Painter 2 (Japanese and English editions) (online release).
1994. One-man exhibition: "Painting with Computers" - (Triton College, Chicago, IL).
1992. ArtArt 92 (Ginza Sony Bldg.).
1992. Imagina92 (Monte Carlo)
1991. High-Tech Art Exhibition (Ginza Matsuya Department Store).
1991. Digital Images Exhibition (Ginza Washington Art).
1990. Second Pixel CG Grand Prix - Award of Excellence.
1989. First Pixel CG Grand Prix - Honorable Mention.
1987. Fourth Illustration Choice Awards.
1985. Join in MENSA.
1981. Quit high school.

Corporate information
Company Name: Umemura Taka Software Design, Inc.
Established: January, 1998
Address: 4986-948 Nagasawa, Takane-cho, Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi Pref.
Particulars: Computer software development and sales.

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